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hola all!

this community was recommended to me by myiris and after having read through it from it's first post up until now :), i'm very excited!  i like the idea of hearing how everyone is doing in weekly updates and discussing interesting topics.  yay!

my name is kati (32), originally from cleveland, and i'm married to esther (37), originally from paraguay, and we moved to chicago last year from argentina after meeting in chile :).  actually, we're not officially married, but we had our own religious ceremony almost 5 years ago (anniversary in about a week!) in buenos aires, and then got civil unioned last month when such things became legal in illinois.  we are loving chicago (even though it's freaking hot here right now!).  esther is studying for her masters in divinity and i am a paralegal (no offense to all legal folk here, but it's not really my thing...i'm still trying to figure out what i want to do when i grow up :)

we just started officially TTCing yesterday (first IUI yesterday morning and 2nd this morning), although i've been charting for what seems like months.  we're using donor sperm from northwest cryo bank, so far everything has been very easy with them (except for paying an extra fee because our preferred donor was limited supply...buu!).  of course THIS cycle has totally thrown me off as far as temps not showing up exactly as i want them to, multiple +OPKs and on weird CDs, and the IUIs not quite making it to the uterus...so good times.  but i'm trying to have positive hopes for this 2ww :), as esther just quit her job last week and because of that, we may not be able to try again anytime soon.  so fingers crossed for this one (yes, i know it's not too likely to happen on the first try, but you can't blame a girl for hoping :)

can't wait to hear all your stories!


Welcome! I'm so glad you decided to join :)

I HATED charting! I did all my partner's charting for a year, and I imagine with having to time it in regards to shipping times makes it even more tedious and frustrating! Her chart never really made a lot of sense, and made us stress and assume she had some sort of fertility issue...which wasn't the case at all. In the end, BBT charting wasn't what really led us to conceive so that's doubly frustrating.

I'm looking forward to hearing more about you guys' TTC experience, and best of luck getting that BFP!! Don't assume it can't happen the first time - it's just as likely each try, give or take, y'know? I know of a girl in this community that got preggers the first try, so it DOES happen lol
i can't believe you did all her charting for so long! i had to twist dp's arm to get her to listen to me talk about BBTs and mucus haha :P. but she's way more excited now that we're actually doing this! me too...and got all fingers and toes crossed to see if i can make it on the first try with our preferred donor (since he's already run out so i can't get him next month! :P
good luck on this cycle - it absolutely could happen! one of my currently pregnant friends got lucky on her first go. it's got to happen sometime, so there's no reason it shouldn't be the first.

my temps were never very reliable, and i was never 100% certain about my opks either. i just kind of pieced all my fertility signs together and kind of tried to pick they days they all aligned the best. i actually found cm my most reliable indicator.

anyway, ill cross my fingers for you!

thank you! and i keep having the same thought--there's no reason it SHOULDN'T happen first cycle...and i'm just going to keep thinking that until my 2ww nears its end :)
good luck! :D
oh, and i forgot to say - i'm an esther too :)
oh cool! my grammaw was too :), so i was predisposed to think it's an awesome name :P
SO cool about Esther's MDiv! I was a religion major in school and nearly went to Venderbilt for their Gender in Religion course of study. :) Maybe someday!

And welcome!
thanks for the welcome!! and gender in religion basically sounds amazing...definitely keep that on the 'someday radar' :)
I'm the one who they are talking about above who got pregnant on our first TTC cycle, we just did IVI at home too. So it can happen!

So much good luck for you, we'll all keep our fingers crossed for you. Happy anniversary for next week, do you have any special plans?
ohmigosh, you're awesome, can you be my good luck charm??? :)

thanks for the congrats on the anniversary! i'm trying to find a place to take esther mini-golfing, as romantic as that sounds :), because she's never done it and really wants to try it. the coolest present would obviously be a BFP but we'll still be in the middle of 2ww that day so probably still not :P

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