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Hello, 2_mommies!

Our first Monday topic:

Monday Update

What happened over the weekend? How is everyone doing?

TTC:  Any updates? Any questions?

Pregnant: How far along are you this week? Any new challenges? Any questions?

Mommies: Child updates? Funny stories?


We had strep throat over the weekend but we're feeling better. The kid was radiantly healthy and nursed every hour. Somehow we did laundry and went out for ice-cream. LOL

We dressed him in the same sleeper he wore home from the hospital, only this time it actually fit him, Aw, our little boy is getting big!
OMG. Crazy how quickly they grow into and then out of their clothes!
my due date came and went yesterday with no baby. maternity leave is weird when you're home alone with no baby. my wife reluctantly dragged herself into work today and i'm getting ready to bring our 2 year old to school.

fantastic weekend with fantastic friends, and we got some productive stuff done around the house as well.
C'mon baby! Let's get the show on the road, right? :) Hang in there!
I'm sure my babe is going to want to cook longer than 40w and I know those last few weeks will be hard! Hopefully your baby isn't too far from being ready. How are you feeling?

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my first pregnancy went 40w1d so i was hoping that was the magic number for this one too. i'm sure it won't be much longer. i make BIG babies evidently, so i don't think they'll let me to much longer because of the shoulder dystocia risk, but we'll see. another appointment in the morning. so far i'm feeling huge and tired but ok. a couple contractions this morning but nothing big. thanks for asking!
Hopefully those contractions have ramped up or you have had the baby by now!

I'm glad to hear you are doing okay. I hear a lot of women are miserable at the end!
The twins were hilarious this weekend. 5 months, 2 weeks old. Brooks is experimenting with a shrill squeal that is very attenion-getting. Brenner has discovered that a coughing noise gets a reaction and has been fake coughing since Saturday.

The boys both reached for my partner this weekend - it's the first time they've expressed a desire to be carried in any other way except crying. It was freakin' adorable!
That's so neat they both learned the reach thing the same weekend.

And the fake cough-- funny!
That's so cute. :)
I finished moving house which involved a lot of packing and cleaning.

I'm now 28w pregnant, third trimester! I'm enjoying my pregnancy a lot more now that I'm only throwing up occasionally. I'm sore and tired but so happy and excited about this baby.
I'm having a hard time with laundry at 19 weeks, and you're packing and moving at 28. I guess at some point I'll get used to this new soccer ball in my abdomen and figure out how to move with it, but for now, I'm just impressed!

It was really hard. But we did hire removalists for all the big things. My partner did the bulk of carrying and I dropped a lot of boxes due to my big bump getting in the way! But moving was so worth it as our new house is so much nicer.
so nice that you'll be settled in time for the baby!! glad you are feeling a little better... the first trimester this time as rough for me, but it's been pretty smooth sailing since the second.
At 19.5 weeks, my uterus exploded. Not in a bad way, mind you, except for the 12 hours of continual round ligament and pelvic pain (thankfully asleep for most of it). It started around 10 pm on Friday night, this immense pressure just under my uterus, and by the time I got up on Saturday morning, my belly had expanded about three inches and the "ridge" between my waist and my previous "muffin top" was gone. Now the only pre-preggo bottoms that fit without the miraculous belly band are gym shorts (go go elastic waists!) and I even look pregnant in my normal t-shirts.

So of course the spouse and I went on a 5 mile hike with hir coworkers and our dog Saturday afternoon. Potentially not the smartest move, but a lot of fun, and thankfully not too hot. The dog slipped on some rocks at the end and scraped up her paws, so she's in a cone head and limping a little still. I can no longer bend over to pet her (another by product of the uterine expansion), so her cute-pathetic level is at an all-time high.

I did laundry. I can no longer reach the bottom of the washing machine basket. Maybe I'll be able to figure out how, but this new belly thing is really throwing me off. I also got a migraine yesterday, potentially a combination of dehydration and the heat wave that started yesterday. Not looking forward to possibly taking the dog to the vet later if she still is limping/acting really pathetic.

Did anyone else have a sudden belly growth? Both my mom and my MIL didn't have a sudden pop, much less with pain, just a gradual expansion. Of course, they are probably remembering best their last pregnancies, and I hear things like this are more common with first pregnancies, where everything is getting stretched for the first time, than with later pregnancies and the body remembers/is already stretched out.
We've had a nice weekend at home. We came home from the beach house Friday evening, after visiting my grandmother on the way home. It was exactly 4 years ago that my grandfather died, only a few weeks before India was born. I had so hoped that he would be able to see her before he died, he was a really good man! The kids had fun playing in her garden and getting spoiled with ice cream and candy :p
Saturday was a lazy day, the kids were in PJ most of the day running in and out the house playing. Sunday India made a new friend, Tobias. They met at the playground and later he came home with us to have some ice cream and play with India, they live really close, and his mom picked him up a couple of hours later :)

Today we have been to the zoo, so hot!! But the kids enjoyed it and India went swimming with her best friend in their pool when we came home :)
When TTCing, I really liked using FertilityFriend.com. The boards are iffy, no lesbians or queers to be found really and most of the hetero folks on there are there after a couple of months of informal trying that hasn't worked, but the fertility tracking utility itself was super helpful. It estimates your ovulation date based on whatever things you're tracking (at least basal body temp, but other good things to track are cervical fluid/mucous, hormones via pee sticks, and cervix position) and can help predict when good insemination periods are. Then you enter your insem info, and it tells you your general chances of success. It can also tell you if your symptoms are more likely due to PMS or more likely due to pregnancy.

It isn't accurate for everyone, and what you can do for free is limited, but I thought it was worth it.
There is a lesbian board at fertility friend.

But I would vote for staying off the boards there because so many people at FF have serious fertility problems and you start to wonder if you do too, and then it becomes a bad path...

Some of the sperm banks have boards that are a lot more positive.
Yeah, the lesbian board was just very inactive when I was TTCing, and most who were posting were like the hetero women - with serious fertility issues. I found more kinship with the women who were experiencing male infertility in their partners and therefore using donor sperm! It also felt like I was intruding on an exclusive club on the lesbian board - many had been on FF for months and months and it was very intimate. It was not as open and free-flowing like the LJ community, which has a nice variety of kinds of attempts (home insem w/ known donors up to IVF with banked sperm, etc)... :)

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