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Labor Story

Finally had a chance to finish my blog post about my marathon labor.  I also recalculated the time: it was more like 68 hours, not 62 (never trust my spouse's math after not sleeping that much...)


To me, the funniest reactions to my story are "That is so cruel!  Why didn't they just give her a c-section?"
The point: I didn't want one!  I labored so long to avoid one!

Anyway, if you're currently pregnant or trying, you might not want to read this.  I could be read as a labor horror story and be really fear inducing.  However, if you're committed to a vaginal unmedicated birth, this might be empowering that it can be done, even with an uncooperative uterus.


That is an amazing story. You got the birth you wanted (ie. vaginal) the only way it could happen. I wish my story had ended that successfully and worked out like that.... Maybe nobody gets their fantasy...but there is a lot of pride to be had for fighting hard for getting as close as one can, and given the circumstances you did great and the outcome is really amazing.

Way to go with the awesomeness!
Thank you. It is hard letting go of the fantasy (quick labor! Totally natural! Easy breastfeeding!) but you're right about the pride in fighting for getting close.
Heh, it's 6 months later and I still find it difficult to let go of the fantasy.

Breastfeeding though-- that can really get better and better over time!

Great story. Congratulations. I absolutely don't read it as a horror story - I think it just goes to show with the right mindset you can really increase your chances of having the birth you want.

p.s. side note: not all people who have pit then an epidural - then have a c-section. To people not well read on birthing your view makes it sounds like it's an almost inevitable result. I had to have bucket loads of interventions but I still had a vaginal birth and have a gorgeous son as the end result. We are all successes :)
I know it is totally my own anxiety! Fed, of course, by reading the stupid BabyCenter boards... the trope there usually goes early to hospital, thus early on the labor clock, thus interventions to speed up labor, then lots of pain so lots of pain management, then stalled labor, then eventually c section. Not inevitable, but seems so common...
Wow, you are amazing and that was an inspiring story. I had a quick labour but was being very pressured to have interventions and really didn't want them.

I didn't think your story was horrifying.

Also Ina May is awesome. :) Congratulations again on welcoming your daughter!
Very nice! I always love reading birth stories from women who have educated themselves about the natural progression of labor and birth and then have natural births that would have ended in a cascade of interventions had they not been educated about the process. Sorry for the super long run-on sentence, but I think you get the point. It gives me hope for the future of our birth culture :)

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